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6950 vs 560Ti

I really need an answer.
for my new build im gonna get a new gpu.
Its between a 560Ti and a 6950.
price difference is $40 AUD
im looking at the msi 6950 twin frozr and the msi 560Ti hawk.
is there any better cards than these?
will be running games at 1080P
and has anyone had any problems with unlocking the 6950 and can it be done on the msi card.
thanks guys.

Specs for New Build.
AMD 1090T
4gb of corsair 1600mhz
750w OCZ power supply.
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    Thats not necessarily always true. It depends on the games you are going to be playing. Some games will favor nvidia and some will favor ati. I would get the 560ti, its a much better deal for the price and it certainly exchanges blows with the 6950. As for that card, im not sure if it can be unlocked. If it can then id say its if you like price or power.
  2. I have the 560 hawk performance is great and i am very satisfied overall except the noise the hawk makes under load,its a bit loud for my tastes.
  3. Tom's puts the 6950 ahead of the 560 Ti in the hierarchy,review-32183-7.html
    Am I missing something?
  4. It's very similar. Also remember that if you want things like physx and 3d you have to go nvidia, which I find more useful than eyefinity
  5. i thought if you wanted physx you could just stick an onld Geforce in your spare slot and use hybrid Physx or something (i don't know if you can so i can't tell you how) also IMO i think the 6950 would be easier to upgrade (if SLI is disabled) becaue you could Xfire two of them later on. btw i see your board is AM3+ does this mean you can SLI? if you can, go for the GTX560 ti (IMO)
  6. oh sorry i just realized SLI is still disabled on your board (side note, how many GPUs do you want to put in?)

    EDIT: Here is another link with the full rig used listed at the top and a bunch of cards benchmarked.

    That is benchmarks of both cards set side by side on an actual computer and it shows what quality settings are used

    The site The Halo Don used states "Please note that the above 'benchmarks' are all just theoretical - the results were calculated based on the card's specifications, and real-world performance may (and probably will) vary at least a bit." underneath the pixel rate comparison.

    Bdizzle11 is correct when saying it depends on the games you want to play. Certain games favor NVIDIA over ATI and vice versa. On the page I linked at the top you'll see what games prefer which brand and that can help you decide what card you want.

    I personally have a XFX HD6950 2gb and I love it, but I have always preferred ATI cards
  8. wenqi said:
    oh sorry i just realized SLI is still disabled on your board (side note, how many GPUs do you want to put in?)

    just the one.
  9. thanks everybody.
    was also thinking would 2x 6870's be good in X-fire.
    its $100 AUD more than a single 6950 2gb
  10. it is good in xfire. it has almost got double the performance but I ' ve hear a lot of people having issues with 6870 crossfire. mainly driver issues. Luckily, I haven't heard the same thing about the 6900 series of cards.
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