Why the hell would anyone buy a 560 Ti instead of 6870??

So, the 6870 is like $175, whereas a 560 Ti is $195

They get extremely similar performance, and the 6870 has multiple advantages:

XFX Radeon HD 6870 ZDFC - http://goo.gl/TJuOu

That one there has DUAL fans, is made by XFX which is very reputable, has copper pipes for even more efficient cooling, more inputs than a 560 Ti, it looks very sleek (lol I know I know, but Im a picky guy), is cheaper (it was actually $165 a week ago), and it also comes with deals often such as the DiRT 3 promo right now

Can someone tell me if everyone is stupid and Im hallucinating, or are people just making poor decisions and giving bad advice or what?
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  1. There are plenty of poor decisions around. Currently, ATI is leading in graphics value.
  2. I know cards give diff performance depending on games, but heres a bench from Techspot for BC2 maxed out on 1920 x 1200 resolution, and the people Im helping as well as myself are gonna buy BF3 and play BC2 so...

  3. I always say to stay in your comfort zone, some people like Nvidia, some like ATI. I personally will always buy Nvidia because its what I'm more comfortable with. I'm not gonna lose any sleep because of 20 bucks I could have saved for pretty much the same performance.
  4. Yeah, for me thats not too big of a problem, for people on a budget $20 makes a difference. From what I understand so far, the 6870 is basically a better choice assuming you dont prefer Nvidia enough to get a 560 Ti.
  5. No I know the Ti does better in some games, probably most, but NOT by much, and for BF its basically on par.\

    and they have pics of the card, Im pretty sure they're smart enough to not confuse a 560 with a Ti...

    Im pretty sure TechSpot is credible... >_>
  6. The GTX560Ti is superior in the following ways:

    1) single card performance
    2) 2xSLI performance (pulls ahead even more over 2xHD6870 in Crossfire)
    3) PhysX
    4) CUDA

    Games are tweaked more for NVidia cards.

    At any rate, I'd never recommend an HD6870 over a GTX560Ti for such a small price difference. Calculate $25 as a percentage of your total cost of hardware and games.

    *Note: Prices in video card models vary a lot. Overclocked options can be so much more money that they have no value (best to get the next card up). The cheapest card may have a louder fan. Personally, I tend to spend about 10% higher than the cheapest card and that cost usually has gone to some or all of the following:
    - better capacitors
    - better voltage regulators
    - better, quieter cooling solution
    - longer Warranty
    - longer life expectancy


    Im still a Radeon fanboy :P
  8. then stick with radeon itself dude. Don't argue with anyone giving them wrong information if you don't know anything about a specific product. :pfff:

    The GTX 560Ti according the stats is a better product than the 6870 in many ways.

    1. better performance
    2. better drivers
    3. better components (capacitiors, voltage, quiet and cool compared to the radeon)
    4. better overclocker.

    If you don't know anything about this then its better for you to check out some facts (reviews I mean) and then post on the forum.

    thank you
  9. I was being funny, Im not actually denying it. They both seem to be a good choice, for budget guys I think saving the $20 is a good choice
  10. I know that for budget guys $20 is more but it is always better to wait and buy the product which serves you better.

    For an example: me

    I still regret after I purchased a Cooler Master Elite 430 case instead of waiting and buying a HAF 912 advanced case just to save some money. Damn me. How foolish could I be. :(
  11. Yeah I feel ya, I regret not buying a modular PSU... I hate my TX750, makes cable management so much harder, CPU power cable isnt long, just dangling there...
  12. Same here, I too hate my Cooler Master GX 750W PSU. Stupid thing.

    I ll make sure, the next time I build my rig, I will get a new case (HAF 912 with a Modular 1200W PSU) when bulldozer arrives. :D but till then I guess I will have to stick on to this stupid thing and start saving cash of course for my new rig :??:
  13. 1200w ._.?
  14. future proofing. I am thinking of SLI on the bulldozer chip with my GTX 560 Ti. I know that its too much for 2 560 Ti's but to be on a safer margin.

    Ok then probably 850 to 1000 watts for upcoming future graphic cards (especially kepler and maxwell cards when they release).
  15. yeh I need a new PC, I learned a lot from my first build
  16. same here. But I need enough cash to buy a new build again. The only option left for me is to shut my a___ and start saving some money for the new build.

    The only good thing I have about my system is the Monitor (1080P) samsung and the graphics card (its not great but its decent) and the CPU cooler of course.

    rest all needs a change.
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