990FX now or wait?

Hey all,

I'm considering updating my current setup to a 990FX to leverage an SSD/USB 3/Crossfire. Currently running 1 6850 on a 955BE.

Thing is, I'm not even close to considering a Bulldozer CPU at the moment. In this scenario, I'd basically be hoping for Piledriver to work on the AM3+ socket (and for it to deliver some significant improvements on Bulldozer)

Alternatively, I can wait for AMD to release its new GPUs in Q1 and build an LGA1155 rig and just hand my current rig over to my brother.

I've basically been prompted to think about this because of Battlefield. What do you all think I should do?

In terms of cost considerations, looking to get the best value for money for myself, but also want to be able to give my bro a nice update on his rig, coz his is getting pretty old now.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I think I would go with the Sandy Bridge build and give your brother a nice mid range gamer. And, this comes from someone with a 990FX rig. I doubt you could come up with an AMD system that would rival a comparable priced Sandy Bridge. Just check out the gaming CPU hierarchy chart here at Tom's.
  2. like clutch said, i would go with a sandy bridge build and let your bro use your current rig. you'll get the best of both worlds :p. i wouldn't take a risk with the next generation of amd processors working on the AM3+ unless there is confirmation.

    if you wanted to, you could wait till Q1 and build an ivy bridge build with the new GPUs, but if you go with sandy bridge right now, you can always upgrade to ivy bridge next year since they're both LGA1555. this way, if ivy bridge isn't THAT amazing, you'll still have something to fall back on
  3. Pile Driver will work with AM3+, that is known. The only thing is its supposed to, according to AMD, give a 10% performance increase. Problem is with that estimat, like all estimates like this, they are from the company. Any performance gains given out by a company are normally very liberal.

    Even with Intel.

    My opinion as well is to just go for Sandy Bridge. If PD gives the 10% better performance, it will still be a bit under SB in performance.

    Plus waiting till Q1 nets you a HD7970 or 7950 (don't go for the HD7850/7870 as they will just be shrinks of the current high end while the 79X0 will be new stuff) which look to be pretty promising.
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