Radeon 4830, DOA or other issue?

Hi all,

I just recently bought an ATI Radeon 4830 to replace a Gefore 7300LE in an older system. Just wanted to be able to watch HD video without being choppy. I started by uninstalling my geforce drivers and shutting down. When I installed the new card and booted up, there was distortion on the POST screen and the Windows XP startup screen with status bar was very distorted/pixelated also. When Windows started all the way up, my monitor (LG 27") lost the signal. It continues to show distortion during POST/BIOS, and won't give a signal to my monitor once Windows boots up.

My motherboard came out of a Dell I believe and is an MSI N1996. I know it has as PCI express slot but I am not sure if it is 1.0 or 2.0 or if it is X16. Could this be a problem, or does it sound like a defective card? Thanks for reading
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  1. The slot should not be the issue here. It is either a defective card or not big enough PSU for it.
  2. PSU is 500 watt with no unusually large draws. I do have 3 HDDs, not sure if that might be sucking too much power?
  3. Most probably a defective card.
  4. Agreed looks like a bad card!
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