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Which PSU? 750W or 850W? Need it for Feature Build(Ivybridge)

I am in market for new PSU. I have Gateway Fx-6800 and psu went bad. Now in market for new one.
I am going to build new system with Ivybridge proccecor and Next gen video card either from Nvidia or ATI. I woon't be doing SLI.
Yes I will be getting gaming graphic card and I might OC in the feature. My price range around 140.
So I was thinking to get PSU that can handle my feature built. I will be using feature for mainly watching lots HD and HD 3D movies and playing games.
Here some links to PSU i was thinking to get. I chose because they all have good reviews and they are around my price range.
let me know if you prefer different brand or watts or anything.

I also want to know what is difference in certification. Some has gold, silver and bronze. Gold one seems more expensive. Does that effect me? I do care about engergy saving, but if perfomance taking huge plunge then i dont care.

CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU-850TX 850W ATX12V v2.2 / EPS12V v2.91 SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply

CORSAIR Professional Series HX850 (CMPSU-850HX) 850W ATX12V 2.3 / EPS12V 2.91 80 PLUS SILVER Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

XFX PRO850W XXX Edition Semi-Modular 80 Plus Silver Certified 850 Watt Active PFC Power Supply
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  1. Those are three top picks, nice selection. Primary difference between them is that the XFX and the Corsair 850 HX are semi modular units while the 850 TX has all of its cables hardwired.

    As for the difference between Gold, Silver, and Bronze 80+ certifications, it simply refers to the efficiency levels that the unit runs, Gold rated units are more efficient than silver units which are more efficient than bronze units but the three you picked are all solid units and the efficiency difference between them really wont add up to much in the long run.

    If it were me, i would go for the XFX unit since it comes out to be almost as inexpensive as the 850 TX after rebate and with shipping and is modular.
  2. hey thanks for replying hunter.
    Can you please expand on semi modular units? I mean how does that help me?
    and you are saying that i can pick any one of them and it will be able to handle my feature build right?
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    Semi modular units are set up so that some of the cables can detach so you don't have quite as large of a bundle of wires at the bottom of the case, you can chose to hook up only as many strings of PCI-e, SATA, and Molex connectors as you need, and no more. If you have a case with a window this can help keep things looking nice, but if you have a case with a bottom mounted PSU and no window and dont really care if the inside looks really nice it wont help you much so its up to you.

    Any of those three units are capable of running 2 GTX 580s in SLI if you wanted to, so they are more than able to handle your build.
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  5. hey thanks man. I now just gotta sit back watch out for slickdeals for one these to go on sale.
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