Would an am2+ CPU fit into am2 motherboard from a dell inspiron 531?

Hey I have a dell inspiron 531 with an am2 socket in it and I wanted to upgrade the processor to an am2+ socket type processor ....so I did some research and couldnt quite find a clear answer if this was going to work or not..

Any response or help is greatly appreciated, Thank you

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  1. Am3 CPUs are backward compatible with AMD 2+ and AMD 2 sockets with some restrictions. The Athlon II X3 450 is classified as a AM3 CPU.
  2. What are the restrictions? sp this should work? dont I need to update the bios?
  3. The processor will fit the socket, yes. The BIOS upgrade would be wise depending on which BIOS ver. you have now and which BIOS ver. is required for the upgrade processor.
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