ASUS Sabertooth Z77

Is this motherboard worth the 240$?
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  1. Spartin503 said:
    Is this motherboard worth the 240$?

    I have been looking for a board to go with my 3570k as well. This is what I am about to head out to pick up.

    It has every feature I need. And micro center has it for 160$ (50 bucks off any z77 with purchase of a CPU, which I am about to get as well).

    I was going to get the Sabertooth or Formula V at first, when the Sabertooth was out of stock, and they didn't even carry the Formula I did a lot of research today. And read over the article,3187.html and decided the Pro was more than enough of what I needed. Compare the Sabertooth to the P8Z77-V PRO and you might end up making the same decision I just did. Sorry if its not the answer you were looking for, but just just figured I would give you my two cents since I just looked at every z77 board $200-300 about 20 times each
  2. i have that board is a nice board if your looking for extra cooling and an all black look. the down size is the mb does not fit in every case or will every cpu cooler fit from the thermal cover. if you do by the mb dont go cheap and by a small pc case. sometime in the small cases the thermal armor wont fit. the mb of the sambertooth has to be close to one of the other z mb they just zing you 40.00 more for the cover.
  3. The Sabertooth is a superb MoBo.
  4. I figured it would fit fine in a Phantom 410 with a stock cpu cooler.
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  6. its a mobo based on looks and not performance. its so popular because of the "dust shield" thats on it. it originally retailed around 220$ and has gone up to 250$ knowing that people still pay for the looks. its performance sits around the ~180$ mobos.
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