Can this gpu run BF3 or Skyriim?

I would just like to no if this card is good and worth it since i couldnt tell myself.
This is the card im going to purchase:

Gigabyte Super Overclock Series GV-N560SO-1GI-950 GeForce GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card - 1GB, GDDR5, DirectX 11

PRICE: $ 264(canadian)

and a link to a store that carries it [...] 0&CatId=28

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  1. I'm assuming you're running at the standard 1920x1080 resolution?

    It's not certain yet how far the new games will push the hardware, but the 560Ti should be able to run it capably at the very least. What kind of budget do you have for the GPU?
  2. I have an overall budget of $800 (pre tax) and i dont wan to throw down more than 300 also im not going to be overclocking or using multiple monitors and i will have an
    3.3ghz i5
  3. *edit have 8g ddr3 ram
  4. It should run it fine. May not run it on max settings, but I would imagine medium at least.
  5. k then what will i need to achieve somewhat max
  6. As said previously, its yet unknown. These games dont have official system req's yet.

    Id say its fairly safe to say GTX 580's in SLI will run it maxed out nice and smoothly though :)
  7. k thanks everyone
  8. what res u intend 2 run bf3 and u dont need a SLI gtx 580 2 run it maxed out
  9. 1900x1200
  10. and what bout fps
  11. 30fps at least bare min
  12. no noticable lag basically and i want it to look pretty good
    c bf3 is built for computers so it could be intensive but sjyrim is a port so im not worried about it anymore
  13. well no1 knows what r the sys requirments for bf3 gonna be but for u i would say get a gtx 570 wud do the job but im not sure and the reason why a SLI GTX 580 is alot for it is cos they cost more than a GTX 590 which is the most expensive video card when game makers develop a new game they make sure they make it suitable for most ppl and the bestselling GPUs atm is the 460 moving up to 570 any1 with a budget of a 460 wudnt get a high end monitor so they wud have like a 1920x1080 res monitor so gtx 460 is the least expected for the highest settings at a realitivly low res with low fps of around 25 or so and 570 or 580 in my opinion shud be the best that would run perfectly at highest settings btw some ppl r saying that the trailer was made with a 580 or 570 dont rlly know which 1 but thats not official talkin anyway dont count on what ppl r saying cos BF3 sys reqs ARE NOT REVEALED YET so we dont know what would be the requirments thats what ppl r expecting and my expectations as well anyway dont get SLI 580 and all this i heard that DX12 is coming out in 2013 those ppl using SLI 590 r gonna be shocked when they know that they have trash cards well dont count on what im saying i didn know anything bout pc parts a month ago but i wanted 2 buy a new pc so i made massive researches not on all parts so i still know lil bout PSUs rams and mobos what i really know much bout know is processors and GPUs and gpus specially
    if u ve seriously read all this xD u shud check this page
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