Which GPU Should I Get?(Pc Details Included)

Hey Guys, Here's My Pc Details:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 2.20 Ghz
Ram: 2 GB DDR2
Monitor: 14.5 LCD
Display Res: 1280 x 800
Current GPU: XFX Nvidia 9500 GT
SMPS: iBall 400W

I am thinking of buying a 500W SMPS and getting Ati Radeon HD 5770.
My Priority Is To Be Future Proof And Play Good Games!
This december i will be upgrading to an Intel core i5/core i7 processor And A Crossfire Compatible Mobo.
Will Be Getting a 19/22 LCD Display Next June!

Right Now Am Playing Games At Vry Low Res(Mentioned Above) And Will Be Doing So Fr About 1 More Year(Till i get a new display). And even with the new display Res. wunt exceed 1680 i guess. The reason is chose 5770 was because i read its a good performer at low res(better dan dos available in dat price range) and also has Direct X11!
My Current GPU Sucks So I Will be upgrading by July 1st Week for sure!

The other card i had in mind was de Nvidia GTS 240 & 250. Please Give In Ur Opinions Here!
And Budget Is De Price Of HD 5770(7000 Indian Rs). Can't Exceed That!
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    for starters, dont get a crap PSU like "iBall" it will only explode and will not produce its rated output. Please do some research about power supplies from jonnyguru or hardwaresecrets websites. The cards you have listed from best to worst is 5770>gts250>gts240. If you want good performance get the 250 or 5770, forget the 240. The 5770 uses such a low amount of power you could probably run it from your current PSU. Your CPU is a huge bottleneck though. If I were you i'd probably get myself an Antec earthwatts 380w (it will produce more power than your current 400w unit as iball PSU's suck) get the 5770 and you really should either overclock the cpu or upgrade to a 3ghz e6500 or something.
  2. I agree with iam2thecrowe.

    I run a 5770 with a 550w decent psu that i bought for £35 at the cheapest i did research to find a bargain.

    normally around 45.

    Fatal1ty 550w modular psu with the HD 5770 would be a good idea and these cards are fantastic.
  3. Thanks Guys.. I Wii Be Getting A Good PSU, After Thorough refering de model over de net!

    So my next issue is de bottleneck factor! i tried ocerclocking, but its An Acer Desktop And de bios has not options for overclocking!
    I tried SetFSB and Clockgen! Clockgen simply hangs and SetFSB does nothing even with the correct PLL (I checked inside)!

    i have seen oders who overclocked deir E4500 to 3 Ghz easily! But DAMN, i can't!

    i finaly got a software "dual core center" frm MSI, which allowed me to overclock to 2.46(224 x 11) ! After dat de comp. freezes!
    with the software i can change de FSB only and core voltage is just not accessible.. :/
    I have posted de issue in de proper thread, so help me out dere if u can!
  4. there is not much you can do if acer has locked out overclocking options. Your best option is to get a 3ghz e6500 or e7500, or get another motherboard that supports overclocking. socket 775 boards are pretty cheap.
  5. Thanx iam2thecrowe , i think i will do either de processor or motherboard upgrade as soon as possible!
    Dumped de idea of building a new pc with Core i5/i7 !
    Going to get a good Laptop as it will be more helpful for my higher studies.. :)
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  7. @ iam2thecrowe :-
    i found a solution finally... flashed MSI's latest Bios for my Motherboard(not Acer's) !
    And now i have FSB Options in Bios! So got my FSB to 242 , after dat no oder value was stable!
    So now the CPU speed is 2.67 Ghz (242 x 11) ! Stable !

    Would dat be enough fr de ATI 5770 ?
  8. should be fine, but like i said, you take a bit of a risk with an iball PSU. you should be able to get the cpu closer to 3ghz, at least 2.8. May need to increase voltage a bit. Just make sure the temps stay below 70C under load.
  9. i will be getting an Antech PSU tmrw.. 500 or 600W .. that will make the difference and help me reach 3.0 Ghz i guess.. :)
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