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Dear Forum:
I have an old computer with an original Power Supply which is making an awful lot of noise so I guess it's going. When I went to their site they offered a 305 Watt but would give me no information as to specs. I'm not looking to spend much on this and I saw a Cool Max 400 watt 2.01 which was reasonable with two Sata Connections and two others that I don't need. I do have a card reader. If there's one that is more compatible please let me know.
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  1. How long do you want to keep the system? Newegg had a corsair 430w for around $17 after rebate. Corsair will outlast cool max.
  2. I don't plan to own the computer for more than a year. However cool max would not be an option. I was just concerned about the version. I didn't know if this is 2.01 compatible or whatever version I need since Dell had no idea or info to tell me. So I was caught between this one, a Rosewill DER-A400 which lists certain Dell Computers just not this model which is a version 2.01, or an Antec BP350 Basiq version 2.01 that Amazon sells for $30.
  3. the corsair oldie recommended will work just fine.
  4. Thank You. I trust them the most.
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