Mic-Input only works in Skype

Okay, so my input is not working in Mumble, Ventrilo, G-Talk, WLM Video Call or Voice Call.
But, its working in Skype, and FaceBook video call.
Windows Sound Recorder also works. Going into control panel to the Sound settings also shows activity in the green bar beside the device when I speak. That's about it.

Here's my Skype settings: http://i42.tinypic.com/5x4ump.png
Here's my Ventrilo settings: http://i39.tinypic.com/23m51ch.png
For Mumble the Audio Wizard only allows me to choose the input device, which I chose the same device. (Microphone, Realtek)

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  1. I would check your drivers and make sure the correct ones are installed (correct model, operating system, etc.).
  2. I used Device Manager and checked the Realtek HD Audio driver, and it said it is up to date. I don't understand, why is it possible for it to work in Skype and Facebook but not in other programs?
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