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Hello guys, is there a program like Gma-booster to boost intel hd graphics a bit, like 10-20%. I have got a laptop core i3 2.13 ghz, based, 4gb ram.
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  1. Intel HD isn't a gaming card and unfortunately there is nothing you can do to imrpove it's performance
  2. You need a separate video card to do that, a built-in is an impossible thing to increase performance on... Also if you want more performance, get a better cpu and faster memory, should increase your FPS by 10 or so... Upgrading is useful because i got a GT 220 on a AMD Anthlon 64 x2 4200+ with 667MHz Memory and could barely able to play A.V.A. at max setting with 10-20FPS and on mine(Same GT220) with i7 950 OC 3841MHz with RAM OC from 1800 to 2009MHz and i got like around 30-60FPS and 40FPS average...
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