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Hello, my dell laptop is not switching on the moment i press the power button the LEDs just flashes and they go off with the machine not even responding, the problem started when i tried booting it, it showed the dell screen but it was froze then i turned it off for rebooting and the problem began.
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  1. Hi George

    Something which occasionally works with Dell or other laptops

    remove power cable from mains or external PSU, remove main battery
    press on button for about 15 or 20 seconds
    refit battery and try again.

    next try remove power & main battery - go to Dell website look up how to remove cmos battery, leave out 24 hours
    refit both batteries & try again. If this works cmos will have been reset and date/time will have to be re entered
    (Most laptops do not have a cmos reset jumper)

    If this does not work how old is your laptop ?
    is it worth getting Dell or someone else to replace the motherboard ?
    or buy a replacement laptop and see if you can sell the parts from the dead laptop (keyboard, screen, ram etc)

    With old Dell desktop motherboards the problem may be faulty capacitors (located near the cpu socket) which can be replaced by experts
    but Dell Laptops do not seem to have these capacitors.

    My sister had the same problem with a Dell Latitude D510, the first procedures worked a few times but now it is dead.

    For data recovery a usb to IDE/PATA or usb to SATA adapter or 2.5" tray can be used (SATA connectors for 2.5" & 3,5" drives are the same but for IDE/PATA drives are different.


    Mike Barnes
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