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Graphc Card Replacement

Guys I have bought an nVIDIA GTX 450 MSi OC edition as a replacement

My original Computer is A Dell Vostro 220 ( broad cabinet )with a 300 watt PSU
I know that i have to change it
Please suggest the best for this work
Also i would lyk to know any risks involved with the PSU and Motherboard
I mean that it wont harm the motherboard in any way will it ?
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    I didn't know Nvidia release a GTX 450? Do you mean GTS 450?

    Either way, it shouldn't be a problem with a new PSU.

    Will not harm the motherboard.
  2. @ubercake................oh ya sorry bro .......i knoe that it isnt a GTX
    So Sorry

    can u also suggest a Psu fr me
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