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Well, maybe a week or two ago I came into the computer room and the computer was turned off, which was odd because I don't usually turn it off. Figured the power went out or something.

Anyway, the computer booted up with the "do you want to start in safe mode, safe mode with networking, etc." screen, and I just started the normal boot mode.

Computer loaded up alraight. Then maybe 10 minutes after fully booting up, the computer shut off. No BSOD that i noticed. Nothing in the event viewer when I rebooted gave me any idea of what happened. But the computer kept doing it. The computer turns off randomly. Sometimes several minutes after being fully booted, sometimes it crashes during the booting up screen-- the "loading windows screen".

I'm totally lost. The computer is not overheating--I know that-- not hot at all and I have programs to monitor temps. The computer does not appear to be "power starved", at least not according to my volatage monitoring.

So, for some reason the computer does NOT shut off when running in safe mode-- pure safe mode or safe mode with networking, either seem to work fine. This made me suspect that I had a driver problem with my vid card, so I totally reinstalled new drivers. The computer, being booted in normal mode, worked fine for several hours and I figured "oh ya, I totally figured it out!", then BOOM it shut off. Again, no BSOD, no overheating issue. Getting really pissed off at this point. I also have like 2-3 virus scanners, and havent come up with anything.
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  1. I had a similar problem this past week. Update the BIOS on the motherboard and haven't had the problem since.
  2. I don't know how to get that stuff. it's a pre-built HP pavilion, and every time I call asking about drivers and such someone from india tells me my computer is obsolete and it's time to buy a new one. Never even got any drivers (on a disc) when I bought the thing.
  3. On the HP site, the only driver update I can download for anything seems to be HDD updates. But it says the update is just for decreased power usage and it wants me to make a boot CD drive or some crap. Not doing it.
  4. most likely a failing power supply. But it could also be overheating or failing motherboard.
  5. seems strange to me the computer never shuts off in safe mode if it was a PSU problem. I would think mobo would be the same logic wouldn't it? Why does it work perfectly fine in safe mode(s)?
  6. I wonder if it's simply the resolution of safe mode? The power consumption difference between the two resolutions creating enough of a power drain to shut off the power? hmm
  7. SO last night I turned the resolution all the way down while booting in normal boot mode, just to see if it would be stable overnight. This morning I found it had shut off anyway.

    More strange is I could no longer booot into safe modes. I tried safe mode with neworking twice and regular safe mode once. They just sat their on the loading drivers/program screen and didn't do anything. So basically now I guess I'm stuck without safe mode... How could that be power supply related or heating related??
  8. No one has any advice? Pretty sure it must be bad drivers somewhere. If i pull out, say, my graphics card and use the onboard GFX card, would a driver issue still shut down a computer if was GFX card related?? There has god to be some way to test this out.
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