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Hi friends this is Amit....!! i wanna ask you
1.) is Core 2 Duo E8400 compatible with LGA 1155 or any other excepting LGA 775...???
2.) I'm planing to purchase Intel DH67Bl, is it good choice(Technical reason), :)
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  1. 1. You can only use CPU's in there intended sockets (775), so no you cannot use your core 2 duo in a more modern 1155 based system.

    2. That motherboard will not be able to use your E8400, it uses socket 1155, you need to find a motherboard which supports LGA775.
  2. Thanks friend you replied as i knew...
    you will be thinking that what a silly question i asked...i asked this coz that motherboard has dual socket in one...!! on the other hand if i go for changing the will be too costly according to Indian Currency....hehe...;)
    thanks for you reply dear friend..
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