Monitor losing signal randomly

My monitor loses signal randomly usually when i have left my PC for a while and it goes.. sometimes i get back to my PC and my PC has completly frozen. The only way i can get my monitor back on is by restarting it.

I know its not my monitor as i have checked it with another PC.
I also know its not my PC settings because when i try and restart it. The monitor sometimes still wont come back on.
I have to turn it off by the power for a minute and then turn it back on..

Then it may come back on. may not. its Random.

My suggestions are either faulty mobo or GCard.

Or psu not supplying enough power along the rail to the card.

Heres my spec.

AMD Phenom 9550 with the a amd black edition cooler.
Geil 2x2gb DDR2 1066mhz
Gigabyte ga-ma78gm-s2h Rev 1.0
ATI Sapphire HD 5770 Vapor-X
Fatal1ty 550w modular psu

a little note aswell it started happening when i would move close to it with a dressing gown. i noticed that the it woul cause a static charge with my case..

and since then it has started to do it randomly on its own now.

So maybe the charge has done something.

Any suggestions on what i should rebuy?
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  1. Any help?
  2. Please :L
  3. How have you connected the monitor? DVI? VGA? HDMI?
  4. VGA>DVI converter.

    I know its not my monitor as it works on the other computer fine. and i connected another monitor to this PC and its doing the same :(.
  5. Try a different port. The HD 5770 I believe has two DVI ports.
  6. i just tried it now. unfortunatly makes no difference :*(
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