Linksys WRT54g doesn't exchange Public IP info with AT&T's uplink

Hey, this is a great forum, and I've found many answers just browsing through endless searches to get where I am today. Thank you to the makers and the people who keep this thing alive, and most of all, everyone in the community that has dedicated their time to respond to the needs of those who choose the forums rather than the heartless monster we have all come to know as the customer support technician.

OK, so here's my dilemna. I normally have my AT&T 2wire 2701HGV-B hooked up to my gigabit switch because I like having superior network speeds for gaming and file transfers. Who doesn't? Well I decided I liked the Linksys WRT54g better, and since I do indeed have a U-Verse 2210-02-1ATT (which is compatible with U-verse IP Dslam), I am now running from the modem to my Linksys and from the Linksys to my giga-switch. Everything runs great, right?

Except one simple little thing that has caused a lot of strife between me and AT&T.

I can plug my public IP address block into the router and use the addresses that I pay an extra 15 dollars a month for and access the internet without a problem. I can surf and browse, game, everything anyone would want to do from a home computer.


I run a small web server to advertise my small business, and I absolutely CAN NOT in any way possible get a response from any kind of internet request.

I've tried pinging, tracing, proxying, forwarding ports, opening ports in firewalls, everything that would normally work if I were simply sending a request to my router's WAN IP and having it forward to whichever computer had the port opened, but nothing will work. I thought I could purchase AT&T ConnecTec for 29 dollars to resolve this simple issue, but no, they want 129 now. So I got my refund and decided to come back to the forums.

Well, then. Now that you've heard my plight, can anyone out there PLEASE help me? It would save me a lot of headache to be able to get this running through my WRT. It has certain features that are much more similar to a Cisco 1840 series and agree with my vocabulary to a much greater extent. :-)
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  1. Do you have more than ONE public IP? How do you configure the router with multiple public IPs?

    Did you assign a internal static IP to your web-server?
  2. Ok, i have 6 static ip's from at&t. one is s'posed to be assigned to the router, and 5 for whatever hosts i want to be publicly available.

    here's the deal, on the 2701, there are two separate interfaces (logical) for the local network. so the router has a private ip and a public ip network. somehow both of these are connected to the integrated switch. it's a feature called public subrouted interface.

    i would think that the wrt54g would send its routing table over the phone wire to at&t's ip dslam interface, but i'm completely lost
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