Is my computer functioning properly?

Hello, after a few mistakes of mine I want to know if my computer is functioning properly.

Is it normal for my computer to be running crysis 2, with the dx 11 patch and high-res textures, at 24 frames?
Is it normal for my computer to be running Killing floor, at 60 frames when there is lots of zombies, and when fire hits me, my frames drop below 60 frames?
Also, is it normal for my system to run team fortress 2, with 23 bots and me, at 60 or less frames?
Finally, is it normal for starcraft 2 to run at 60 frames, when huge battles occur, when there is lots of units moving, and simply, a firefight between eight collosues and 40 marines?
When i get my system running again for an rma issue, I'll give my 3d mark score.

Here are my system specs:

Processor: I7 2600k running at 3.8 GHZ

Graphics Card: Evga Superclocked gtx 580 Core Clockspeed 797MHZ (running at 782MHZ for some reason), Memory Clock: 2014MHZ (should be running at 2025MHZ)

Motherboard: LGA 1155 P67 Maximus IV Extreme

RAM: Corsair vengeance 8GB, 1866 clock speed, designed to run at that frequency.

Power Supply: Corsair AX 1200 watt power supply

Auzentech Hometheater HD Sound card

Hyper 212 plus Air cooler

Corsair 800d case

Things that may have caused my machine to not run properly is not seating ram right, turning off psw, and and reseating it properly, Gpu, or the ram is hurt after the plastic end of my flash light (a bead) hit the ram stick, with a loud click, and then i put in the RAm into the machine, and forgot to reset the bios, when 1866 clock speed was left set on the motherboard. Finally, I forgot to plug in the 12volt cable, turned on the machine, everythign was loud, i turned off the machine and psw, and plugged that cable in.
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  1. By the way, I accidently got some stuff or frost from canned air, when I was cleaning my comptuer, on the motherboard, and it instantly disappeared. I toucehd the area and it was dry. I also cleaned the section with tissue paper, first touching my psw with the tissue, then cleaning the "wet" area, and making it "dry". Hopefully nothing bad happened.
    Also, it has been a week since I turned on the power supply of my computer.
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