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Hello guys need some help here. Ever since I upgraded from Win 7 Ultimate 32bit to Win 7 Ultimate 64bit, I'm getting this problem with my internet connection. Whenever I open up my PC I get unidentified network no internet access and when I do a restart problem disappears. It has become quite annoying now because you need a restart always. I was wondering if there is a fix to this, please help me? By the way my mobo is P5Q SE Plus and my driver for the mobo I used are all for Win 7 64bit which I downloaded from Asus
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  1. Assuming you are using a wired connection to the router or modem, check the network adapter in Device Manager. If absent or flagged as faulty, it may not have a driver installed. Much the same if using wireless, though there you may have the added complication of a wireless security password missing.
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