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hi, i have already a p43 board with a E5700 oc at 4.3 ghz and 1550 mhz dual channel corsair vengance 2*2gb, witn a CM GX 650W and a xfx 6870,
play RAGE METRO SKYRIM SHOGUN 2 in full hd very well, i havnt feel any cpu limitatiuon?

1-should i upgrade now toa new cpu and mbo?

2-i want to upgrade a cpu and motherbord, and plane toadd a second 6870 or 6870x2 for crossfirex configuration, but i need a new psu too, or can i add another psu 500 or 450w just for thesecond card?
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  1. wait for nexgen gpu's you are seeing no problems at the moment yes? so why change anything?
  2. 2500k forever gamming.
  3. thanks guys
  4. but,

    next gen gpu=>
    next gen pci-e =>
    next gen cpu+motherboard,

    iam planning on a

    i5 2500k + fatality p67 pro (THX certified but this mob seems to oc limit i5 or i7 kseries at 4.5ghz)


    phenom x6 1100t (or the cheaper 955 BE and push it to 4.2ghz limits if it will cope with the base clock i5 2500) + crosshair iv formula (or sabertooth 990fx but dont have a good built-in sound like the crosshair) with my actual 6870 keep the amd cpu-gpu combo,

    on the two i can put my asus AXE limited-edition aircooler,

    until waiting for the next-gen, i thik that a crossfire 6870 x3 will be stronger than the next gen gpus,

    for my last question, i need to know if it is possible to add a 2nd PSU for the second graphic card in crossfireX mode, thanks.
  5. PCI-e will be back compatible, i.e. a pci-e 3 card will work in pci-e 2 and 1 slots. pci-e 2 x8 is barely saturated therefore you'll be ok on pci-e2 x16

    so don't worry about the slot type, and therefore having to buy a new board for that reason. buy a new cpu if you want but its not needed.
  6. 2500k is much faster and better for specially gamming it can beat up amd 1100t well and very very closer to 2600k because it's only 100mhz faster.
  7. 2500k pawns every thing in gaming
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