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Best graphics card for games at 1080p

I game on my 60" HDTV, 1080p. I do not need a graphics card that can give you 559087 x 208934 (I know, I'm just trying to make a point!). I do want the graphics card to be DX11 and maybe even DX12 capable when it does come out.
What should I be shopping for? $500 - $700 is OK.

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  1. GTX560 ti or HD6950 would be sensible choices but your budget allows for HD6990 or GTX590
  2. DX12 will likely require new circuitry in the graphics core and it probably won't be out for a while.
  3. I'd say either pick up a 590, 6990, even a 580 would do. You could also sli some 560's or 6970's if that works in your set up.
  4. With his budget he might as well future proof it. Do the msi gtx 580 lightning. One of the best single card performers out there...
  5. I doubt dx12 will be out for another few years, games havnt even started using full dx11 yet :P

    I would get a 6950 reference card and flash > 6970 :D
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    Why do people keep on suggesting the 6970 when his budget allows for a 580 or even a 590? Oh well... your choice
  7. Thanx for all your replies. I got my son a GTX580 SC when I built his PC. He said it crushes every game he had. I decided to do the SLI thing with two GTX 580 3072 mb cards.

    What kept confusing me was, when I would read reviews about graphic cards, seems all test were done at the highest resolution possible by each card. I did not know if I needed a such cards only using my 1080p HDTV.

    What the heck, I could afford these GTX 580 3072 mb, so I went with them. But I would think your answers will help others beside myself.

    Thanx a bunch.
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