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Back in the old forum there was a section with all the members pictures and alittle profile thingy... is that still in existence? Boy I miss the Old forum interface. :(
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  1. AFAIK it's gone.

    The member that hosted it rarely shows up anymore. I'm not even sure if he has a web site. The member that managed it has been long gone for about 4 years now, I'd say. What happened to it? Who knows.......

    I myself miss the simplicity of the earlier, functional, forum that I joined in 2000..... Of course Tom ran the show back then......

    I ran across this article recently about the Drudge Report:

    I agreed with the article and thought back, that's what Tom had going in the beginning.... However it's long gone now......
  2. What was the old forum like anyway?
  3. It was pretty wild, really. No holds barred. Mo Mods. Wars raged in the other. Up above it was just as cut throat. Last but not least, totally hard core!!!

    It was also the place to get the best advice from knowledgeable people on the web, of which are no longer here. They helped me build my first rig, a 1 gig Tbird, which was the first 1 gig chip out. I've been building gaming machines every since. It's made me quite a pile of money over the years because of them.

    Most of those guys are still around. We keep in touch with private email. The original posters that still post all hang out & post in the other. We'd all migrated down to the other long before the new forum came to be in 04. The other came to be our stronghold on the forum. It's a glimpse of what the forums were like, but it's more like 25% of what it was.

    It was good times! Everyone was on 56k and limping along with red hot Tbird chips running Diamond Viper vid cards.
  4. it was incredible to say the least.

    functionality was incredible... flamewars about the new "GEFORCE 2 Series!" it was great.. more intel/amd flame wars than one can imagine... the actual forum itself was incredible... there was even an IRC java chat embedded into the page that you can do live chatting... it was great.

    very nice navigation throughout the pages... there was this photogallery section... it was really neat.

    I've been joined up here for awhile, then once all this changing took place I sorta strayed away, but now I've seemed to get back into it.
  5. the old forum used to have the easy 1 click button for showing "New Posts"...."Todays Posts" for every section, not one by one, and this is just totally different, it's almost annoying to search for threads you've started or posted in around the forum in all different sections
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