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I was wondering about one thing. So I really want an alienware m14x but I realized i can get a much better pc if i make one. I travel sometimes and i want to have a computer at times. Should i get an m14x or make a pc and get eee pc. I like the m14x but are there any problems with it.
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  1. It will have to depend on what you want to do on your notebook while you travel
  2. Unless you wanna game on the move, id just go with a pc+netbook option.
  3. Ok thanks I also just read that the m14x crashes when you play a graphic intensive game on batteries. But i would use the netbook for school, movies, and itunes (maybe minecraft if it can run) Can you guys tell me a good cheep netbook. Im already spending like 1500 dollars for the pc(Still thinking between the: gtx 570, gtx 670, Radeon 6950, and Radeon 6970)
  4. I'd say on the netbook front I'd go for an Asus EEE 1001px. I bought one late last year and it's an amazing little piece of machine. The other netbooks I'm a big fan of are the Dell mini 10 series. Either way can't go wrong and with netbook prices dropping like a rock you can get one for $200 that has 1GB of RAM and a 250GB HD simply drop another $20 and you're good to go with 2GB RAM.
  5. Really! do you maybe know if highschools are using ipads?
  6. will i be able to play minecraft at everything low on it if i put in 2gbs
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