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I need a quick answer on which case to buy for longevity.

The NZXT Hush II reduces noise and has a rather clean look to it, with fan speed controller. The guy selling is offering a Delta 750w PSU. Is Delta any good, and is this case in danger of overheating?

The Inwin Track case is a little cheaper, and whether it looks better or worse is subjective. IT seems to have fewer hard drive bays, but it does have a 220mm fan on the side. I was thinking of buying a Seasonic 600w with it. Is Irwin any good?

Both have USB 3, both should accommodate the M4A89GTD motherboard, which should I get for a first time rig?

Details: Asus M4A89GTD (or Crosshair IV) Phenom II 955 (to upgrade later to 1100t) Undecided on graphics card, but may run in crossfire. ALso, what do you think of the CoolerMaster HAF 912 with the Seasonic PSU?
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  1. What about motherboards. I want to buy a M4A89GTD Pro with integrated graphics, which saves me buying a graphics card until later. Is this a good pick, or should I go for something else, maybe the Asus Crosshair?

    This was my intended spec:
    Phenom II 955
    Foxcomm heatsink & fan with heat pipes
    Asus M4A89GTD Pro
    2x2GB 1600 G Skill RipJaws
    Liet On IHAS224-19

    Is this good? Also, should I get the Corsair 4GB vengeance 1600mhz instead, for future upgrades? What's 1 4GB ram against 2 2GB ram like?
  2. I'd use a motherboard that can run the new bulldozer processors or it will be obsolete in 4 weeks
  3. OK can you point me in the direction of an AM3+ motherboard with crossfire capabilities and for the £60 or less I would have spent on the MSI (preferably £42 to fit into my budget of £270).
  4. Also should I get a cheaper triple core and use a motherboard with a core unlocker?
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