Can my gt 540m (w/ optimus) achieve 120hz?

Hello guys

As the title says i have had my laptop with a gt 540m (optimus) for a while now, and have just got a new external monitor (LG W2363D) with the hope that I would be able to play games at 120hz.

However, im having problems getting anything higher than 60hz and am beginning to believe that the optimus is preventing me from doing so. My nvidia control panel does not have a display tab at all, and the only option to change refresh rate lies in the intel integrated graphics options which only goes to a max of 60hz. The screen can achieve 120hz on my very old desktop so i know its not a problem with the screen.
I'm currently using a hdmi connection as its the only connection that both my laptop and screen have. laptop also has a vga port and the monitor has a dvi.

So, does anyone know any work around for this? any way to turn optimus off all together?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. If i remember correctly, you need dual-dvi for 120 hz. or maybe that was 3d.

    Anyhow even if you did get a refresh rate of 120hz, most of your games will run at a far lower fps because of the limitations of your graphics card
  2. The fps capabilites of my gpu arn't an issue.
  3. the point is if your fps is only 30 frames per second, and your refresh rate is 120 per second, you are effectively limited to 30. it doesnt really matter whether your refresh rate is 60 or 120 or 2 million, you will still only see 30 frames per second
  4. I'm playing things like lol, 1.6 and css, which i can easily get 200 fps on.
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