AMD Phenom II x6 1055T?

Hey guys, first time poster. I was wandering If the AMD Phenom II x6 1055T is good card for gaming (i.e MW3, Skyrim, GTAIV and such). I know that the i5 2500k is better for gaming , from what I have heard, but I am going for a budget build. My price limit is around £760-800 (approximately $1173-1235)
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  1. You are better of with a faster X4 like the 955BE for gaming. X6 comes in to play when running multithreaded applications and heavy multitasking.
  2. Thanks mate, will get that.
  3. AMD Phenom II 980/975 is the best X4 ever for gaming, beats the 955 BE/965 and very close to the Core I5 2500K in gaming.
  4. Get a 1055T and overclock it to 4GHz like I did!
  5. You're right but what you don't know that the 980/975 BE have the the C3 stepping which is the best silicon unlike the 955/965 they have stepping 2 accoding to benches and reviews the new C3 stepping offers lower heat dissipation, improved overclocking potential and a few other enhancements which improves the total performance of the Phenom II.

    Besides, some people have troubles OCing the 955 to 4.0 GHz even though it's a BE CPU.
  6. Newer 955/65BE's are C3 stepping! "Phenom IIX4 955 (HDZ955FBK4DGM),3.2GHz,125W,rev.C3,SocketAM3,Quad-Core"
  7. can you confirm if the processor you're buying is a C3 stepping ?
  8. ilysaml said:
    can you confirm if the processor you're buying is a C3 stepping ?

    Typical conclusion to reviews by major hardware sides on the 980 this one from Techpowerup;
    "Being the fastest AMD quad core, and probably the last SKU based on Deneb core we'll see, adds some sentimental value for AMD's fans, but without any additional price cuts this model will remain a rather poor choice for a new system build. Those upgrading from slower Phenom or Athlon models on the other hand would be better off with Phenom II X6 1090T, or maybe a cheaper Phenom II X4 Black Edition which can easily be overclocked to Phenom II 980 clocks."
  9. I can't get a detailed comparison between the 980 and the 955 OCed, but i'm pretty sure there are differences between the 2 CPUs which affect the overall performance, heat dissipation, power consumption & overclocking potentiality.
    Xbitlabs tell the major differences stated by AMD in stepping 3 VS 2
    And BTW, the per core performance of "Deneb" beats the per core performance of "Thuban" so i'm not sure why the reviewer suggested 1090T even when OCed.
    Thuban must be considered only in heavy multi threaded applications, but when considering a gaming performance the "Deneb all the way"
  10. If you buy phenom ii x6 1055t and oc it to 4Ghz and it performance like i7-3rd Gen.Good for gaming.
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