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Sorry for the long post, but I need help with diagnosing my system freezing issue.

Asus M4A89GTD_Pro_USB3
AMD Phenom X6 1075T
Corsair DDR3 8GB XMS3 (2x4GB)

My computer started having BSOD. At first I thought it was the memory, so I started testing the memory sticks with Widows 7 memory diagnostic tool. Windows diagnostic tool said they were working.

I tried using Kingston DDR3 Kingston KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4GX but I had the same problem.

I found if I use my memory in dual channel mode, the system crashed but if I put the memory so they were not in dual mode, the system would crash even under stress test. I reported the issue to Asus because I thought I might have a motherboard problem. They sent a replacement. I changed the MOBO.

Now, I'm having a similar problem but instead of BSOD. My computer runs but the screen freezes. If my computer is doing a job like recording a show, it still records, but my screen freezes. My mouse or clock doesn't move.

I've checked for viruses, updated video driver, even rolled back some MS updates but still have the same problem. I tried using stock auto memory timings, reduced the memory timings to manual, reset all mobo bios to stock but still have the same problem in dual mode. My temps are fine. I'm not overclocking. For it to crash in dual mode, it doesn't appear to be software specific. It happens randomly.

In order for it to not crash, I'm running my memory in Unganged mode (but that restricts me to using only two sticks). Any ideas on what is causing my computer to freeze. Could I have a processor issue?
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  1. Please list all hardware because your PSU may not be enough or your videocard is dying and/or your HDD is going to die, List all hardware/spec and how long did you bought those hardware?
  2. You could just try to give memory a little more voltage. That may help.
  3. I tried additional voltage. Stock is 1.5v, but they are rated 1600 at 1.65v. 1.65v still had the problem even with lower timings 1333.

    I'm not a gamer. I use this system for HD video rendering.
    Asus M4A89GTD_Pro_USB3
    AMD Phenom X6 1075T
    Corsair DDR3 8GB XMS3 (2x4GB
    Video card - on-board graphics
    PSU - Thermalke TR2-430w
    ATI TV Card
    Generic DVD Burner
    LG Blu-Ray Burner
    Samsung HD103SJ 1TB
    Hitachi Deskstar 1TB
    Hitachi Deskstar 2TB

    I bought everything new December 2010. I wouldn't think this would be due to PSU or HD, since the failure only occurs in dual channel mode. It doesn't occur unganged with two sticks, but I would like to use all four.
  4. One of your memory slot if probably bad so try one slot at a time and see what happens
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