My computer won't turn on and pass POST - how to fix this ?

Hello Tom's Hardware members.

I have one old computer that I want to make router of this computer.
My motherboard is not too old. I bought last one manufactured, that is 4-5 years, max. 6 years (but I don't think).
Computer isn't used very much, one or two years later I bought new computer and didn't used this.

That is my motherboard :

Then, when I broke my new computer after some years, I started using old computer and after half-year of not so much using, POST was too long. It takes 5 min. than 10 min. than 20-25 min. than 45min. and after this it wont go to POST. Only blank screen, green LED is working, but no POST, no anything, only black screen.

Now I want to make router with this if I can fix it.

What can that be ? How to fix it ? What to try ?

Please answer soon.

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  1. sounds like you need to put that thing to rest.. it could be any one of your parts if you look in the forums there is a section dedicated just to that ... read up on it..
  2. Follow this guide.
    If this fails, chances are there is a hardware failure. So you will have to either replace the part of the system outright.
  3. Yah iam sure dat hardware is rammm.
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