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Ok so I've finally got my computer set up and put together, and I'm posting from it now. Problem is, I have no idea which USB header to use for my front panel USB.

I have a ASUS M5A97-R2.0 and it has 3 different headers for 3 different types of USB connectors. My case is a Cooler Master RC330U, which comes with its own front panel USB/Audio. The front panel I/O can do HD Audio and AC97.

here's a link to the motherboards manual so as to help with this better :

Just want to make sure I'm not going to damage anything... Oh! and I also have the USB header adapter that came with my M3A78-VM mobo, in case I need that
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  1. If you look at the manual at chapter 1-page 6, you should see a diagram, just plug the usb front panel connector into any of the three headers. It should fit in perfectly but to make sure take a look at the front panel usb connector and look at the holes in it and plug it in correctly into the header. As for the audio you should be just fine plugging in the HD Audio at header number 18 which is called AAFP. Ac97 works in there too but you can only choose one.
  2. I already have the HD audio connected, but the way that the manual shows the stuff doesnt tell me which USB I need to use, as they all look the same, but have differnt signals on the pins. I was just wondering which one to use since the case doesnt tell me what type of USB connection it uses for hte front panel.

    Im not realy worried about breaking things, but Im more afraid of it not working and wasting my time.
  3. As socialfox stated, you can use any of the USB headers on the MB. I usually put the front panel USB cable on the far right header in case I later decide to add more USB ports to the back of the computer.
  4. I understand the frustration of putting connectors in the wrong place and then removing the side panel again. I used to feel the same way, but now I just bring a power cord and plug it in and place the computer on the floor with the side panel open. It should not boot if a connector is not in the right place. After all, all you need to power on the computer is the power supply cable.
  5. Bleh, ASUS makes it seem that if you put the USB in the wrong connector it will do something bad, but I tried the USB front panel connector in every header and everything worked (I had a flash drive and gamepad wireless adapter plugged in for each test)

    So I have my problem solved... I seriously have to stop wasting peoples time with things I can fix my self...
  6. nekomastermax said:

    I seriously have to stop wasting peoples time with things I can fix my self...

    ...or take the advice you are given. This is what they were trying to tell you. They all work the same.
  7. Glad we were able to help! It never hurts to double check with others before handling with sensitive components.
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