Replacing computer with a new one

My plan is to sell my current build and add around 100-120 chf and get a new pc...i can't pay more than 120 chf

My current build:

Amd athlon 64 X2 4400+ (2.31ghz)
crappy AM2 motherboard
2.5GB DDR2
HD 6570 1 GB DDR3

I'm planning on selling this for 150chf, people are interesting in buying it for 220 chf already so that'll be sorted by monday hopefully.

Sites i can buy stuff from as they are in my approach and i never do internet shopping :/


Both websites can be browsed for other components. Things i need are:
CPU, GPU and motherboard

Ram, case, psu and hdd is all sorted....

I only have 230 chf to spend on three things lol but now i can't figure out what to choose...

Please help me out...the best parts which can survive the longest period while keeping in mind the games such as bc3, mw3 and such...

Thanks a lot in advance !
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  1. i meant to say, people are buying my current build for 150chf but i'm waiting for it to be sold at 220chf i hope tomorrow it's all sorted...

    btw i have 10chf hidden in my pocket LOLZ
  2. bump, any help?
  3. AMD Build (From Your Previous thread it was understood that you werent much interested in a sandy bridge build,which is way off your budget if you are looking for a good GPU)

    CPU: AMD Phenom X4 640 (90 CHF)

    Mobo: Gigabyte 870A-USB3 (80 chf) (Am3+ which means you can upgrade to bulldozer later on)

    Which leaves About 60 chf For the GPU. Which wouldn't get you a good GPU(not good enough for GTA 4 ). sorry, but the budget is too low.
    This is the best i could find:-

    XFX 5750 (same as 6750) For 55 chf. , slightly slower than 6770/5770 but great performance at 1600x900 and less.
    -The HD-6770 is by far the best budget card.
    cheap ddr-2 crossfire board. (you said you are re-using memory or have some, is it ddr-2 memory?)

    -Most boards now use ddr3 memory.
    -If you have ddr3 memory you will have to pick a crossfire/ddr3 board instead.
    AMD Phenom II X4 850 [Socket AM3 - 4x512Kb - 3.3 GHz - 45nm
    (95 watts is easier to keep cool)

    -Buy a bigger power supply and a second hd-6770 (the hd-5770 also crossfires if you find one used later on)
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 (a bit faster if you can afford it)(this might not be a good cpu if your case is older and has only smaller case fans, it's a 125watt cpu)
    AMD Athlon II X3 455 [Socket AM3 - 3x512Kb - 3.3 GHz - 45nm
    (get this if you are a bit short on cash)
  5. Whats the point in getting an Am2+/Am3 Board???? he's going to be stuck with the same processor support for lifetime?
    If he gets an Am3+ mobo, he has upgrade options to Bulldozer, otherwise he will have to buy a new motherboard the next time he wants to upgrade.
  6. -If your computer doesn't sell, or if the offers are too low.

    -Just selling the hd-6570 used and putting the hd-6770 in your current system would help alot with games.

    -The 4400+ is not too bad, it should overclock a bit to 2.5ghz.

    -Mostly the hd-6570 is alot slower than the hd-6770. The hd-6770 is about twice as fast as the hd-6570.
  7. "Whats the point in getting an Am2+/Am3 Board?"

    Because it costs half the money of a am3+ crossfire board, and it sounds like used ddr2 memory is being re-used.

    Yes if the memory being re-used is ddr3 memory, get a ddr3 board instead.

    -The non am3+ boards are on sale, in this budget that is your only choice to save some cash.
    Intel i3 2100 It's on sale. It's about the same speed as the phenomIIx4 965 but it's cheaper. It's also only a 65watt cpu.
    XFX HD5830 More shader cores, it's a bit faster than the hd-6770.
    (the drawback is the hd-5830 crossfires poorly and uses more power to run)
    ASROCK H61M-VS uATX (h61 wont let you overclock the i5-2500k)
    4gb ddr3 memory kit. (there are no ddr2 1155 boards)
    (ends up being the same price with new memory as the phenomIIx4-965)
  9. well when i said i have the ddr, case, psu, hdd. I meant that i've bought those it isn't a problem...i can't use my old motherboard as it's oem and doesn't let me OC my cpu at all...

    how would this motherboard work with a phenom or athlon?
  10. would it OC the processors?
  11. Get an i3 2100. Way better than Phenom II X3 in Gaming.
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