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Replacing computer with a new one

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August 28, 2011 3:48:39 PM

My plan is to sell my current build and add around 100-120 chf and get a new pc...i can't pay more than 120 chf

My current build:

Amd athlon 64 X2 4400+ (2.31ghz)
crappy AM2 motherboard
2.5GB DDR2
HD 6570 1 GB DDR3

I'm planning on selling this for 150chf, people are interesting in buying it for 220 chf already so that'll be sorted by monday hopefully.

Sites i can buy stuff from as they are in my approach and i never do internet shopping :/ 


Both websites can be browsed for other components. Things i need are:
CPU, GPU and motherboard

Ram, case, psu and hdd is all sorted....

I only have 230 chf to spend on three things lol but now i can't figure out what to choose...

Please help me out...the best parts which can survive the longest period while keeping in mind the games such as bc3, mw3 and such...

Thanks a lot in advance !

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August 28, 2011 3:54:34 PM

i meant to say, people are buying my current build for 150chf but i'm waiting for it to be sold at 220chf i hope tomorrow it's all sorted...

btw i have 10chf hidden in my pocket LOLZ
August 28, 2011 4:52:45 PM

bump, any help?
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August 28, 2011 5:50:56 PM

AMD Build (From Your Previous thread it was understood that you werent much interested in a sandy bridge build,which is way off your budget if you are looking for a good GPU)

CPU: AMD Phenom X4 640 (90 CHF)

Mobo: Gigabyte 870A-USB3 (80 chf) (Am3+ which means you can upgrade to bulldozer later on)

Which leaves About 60 chf For the GPU. Which wouldn't get you a good GPU(not good enough for GTA 4 ). sorry, but the budget is too low.
This is the best i could find:-

XFX 5750 (same as 6750) For 55 chf. , slightly slower than 6770/5770 but great performance at 1600x900 and less.
August 28, 2011 6:09:21 PM
-The HD-6770 is by far the best budget card.
cheap ddr-2 crossfire board. (you said you are re-using memory or have some, is it ddr-2 memory?)

-Most boards now use ddr3 memory.
-If you have ddr3 memory you will have to pick a crossfire/ddr3 board instead.
AMD Phenom II X4 850 [Socket AM3 - 4x512Kb - 3.3 GHz - 45nm
(95 watts is easier to keep cool)

-Buy a bigger power supply and a second hd-6770 (the hd-5770 also crossfires if you find one used later on)
AMD Phenom II X4 965 (a bit faster if you can afford it)(this might not be a good cpu if your case is older and has only smaller case fans, it's a 125watt cpu)
AMD Athlon II X3 455 [Socket AM3 - 3x512Kb - 3.3 GHz - 45nm
(get this if you are a bit short on cash)

August 28, 2011 6:16:23 PM

Whats the point in getting an Am2+/Am3 Board???? he's going to be stuck with the same processor support for lifetime?
If he gets an Am3+ mobo, he has upgrade options to Bulldozer, otherwise he will have to buy a new motherboard the next time he wants to upgrade.
August 28, 2011 6:18:30 PM

-If your computer doesn't sell, or if the offers are too low.

-Just selling the hd-6570 used and putting the hd-6770 in your current system would help alot with games.

-The 4400+ is not too bad, it should overclock a bit to 2.5ghz.

-Mostly the hd-6570 is alot slower than the hd-6770. The hd-6770 is about twice as fast as the hd-6570.
August 28, 2011 6:24:28 PM

"Whats the point in getting an Am2+/Am3 Board?"

Because it costs half the money of a am3+ crossfire board, and it sounds like used ddr2 memory is being re-used.

Yes if the memory being re-used is ddr3 memory, get a ddr3 board instead.

-The non am3+ boards are on sale, in this budget that is your only choice to save some cash.
August 28, 2011 6:57:38 PM
Intel i3 2100 It's on sale. It's about the same speed as the phenomIIx4 965 but it's cheaper. It's also only a 65watt cpu.
XFX HD5830 More shader cores, it's a bit faster than the hd-6770.
(the drawback is the hd-5830 crossfires poorly and uses more power to run)
ASROCK H61M-VS uATX (h61 wont let you overclock the i5-2500k)
4gb ddr3 memory kit. (there are no ddr2 1155 boards)
(ends up being the same price with new memory as the phenomIIx4-965)

August 29, 2011 12:28:54 PM

well when i said i have the ddr, case, psu, hdd. I meant that i've bought those it isn't a problem...i can't use my old motherboard as it's oem and doesn't let me OC my cpu at all...

how would this motherboard work with a phenom or athlon?
August 29, 2011 12:31:42 PM

would it OC the processors?
August 29, 2011 2:25:23 PM

Get an i3 2100. Way better than Phenom II X3 in Gaming.