Soundblaster x-fi Fatal1ty vs onboard MSI Z68


I just purchased an MSI Z68A-GD65G3 mother-board. I have an old Soundblaster x-fi Fatal1ty soundcard from another computer. Would it be better to use the onboard sound from the new mobo or reuse the soundblaster card?

I have a 2.1 Kilpsch desk set speakers I sometimes use and a 5.1 Yamaha speaker set for my home theater setup that I stream movies onto from my computer.

But mostly my gaming is from my headset.

What do you guys think?
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  1. I personally would not bother with the card but since you already have it why not.
  2. Just wondering if adding more unnecessary components with extra drivers will do more harm than good if the onboard sound is good enough from mobo?
  3. If running optical output then it really dosnt matter much. But if running wired you will hear a little bit of a difference.

    Sound cards are annoying pieces of equipment, especially under Vista/win7. I would rather not mess with one again as long as I live!
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