ATI Radeon Flex HD5770 Grainy boxy images

Hey All

Hope someone can help me out on this

I installed this card on a new Sandybridge I5 Rig , and i am using a Mirai LCD 32", funny thing is games run mostly on ULTRA High , but when im in windows/surfing etc everything seems pixelated and blury like blown up or something ?? Pictures on the Internet look cartoony. ive updated everything to the new Drivers and still the same!!!

Any Help Apprciated


Panel Resolution 1366 x 768

Aspect Ratio 16 : 9

Contrast Ratio (typical)
1200 : 1

Supported Timing SD: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, HDTV: 720p, 1080i

Response Time (typical)
6.5 ms

Contrast Ratio (typical) 1200 : 1
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  1. What res is it running at? Is the clock, phase, etc correct? Are games at all blurry or grainy? What connection are you using (dvi, hdmi, vga, etc.).
  2. Hey
    Im Using a HDMI connection from my gpu to my lcd , res is at 1360x768 recommended Landscape @60HZ
    Mode High (32bit)

    here is what i have checked in CCC
    Enable GPU scaling Ticked
    Enable ITC Processing unticked
    scalling options to full overscan
    LCD overdrive Enabled

    ive tried all settings on/off and still the same sort of blown up images/pixelated
  3. a 32" display at 1366x768 res is going to look grainy due to the size of the pixels unless you are several feet away from the screen figure PC programs are designed to run at 96 DPI (Dots per inch) so a 1366x768 resolution is designed to be displayed on a (1366/96 = 14.2" x 768/96 = 8" ) so 14.2 x 8 inch display or approx 16 - 17" diagonal monitor ! so you are pretty much displaying what should be a 16" display enlarged to 32 inches so it is going to be fuzzy up close !

    TVs are just not really designed to be used as monitors because the pixels are much larger and thus you are going to be looking at a blurry display in most cases -- the reason games play well on it is because you are actually running the games at a fairly low resolution setting (1366x768) instead of a higher resolution like most 23" monitors are 1080p (1920x1080) so are using less resources since there is less info to process on the GPU ( 1,049,088 pixels per screen vs. 2,073,600 pixels per screen in 1080p res) so it makes sense that the game would run well but the display is going to look poor due to the low resolution being enlarged for display.
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