CM 690 ii front panel USB 3 cable doesn't plug into my Motherboard


I've just finished putting together a new Gaming rig.
Everything working great my only issue is that the front panel USB3s (there's two) Don't plug into my motherboard (Gigabyte GA-Z68AP-D3 Z68 Socket 1155 8 Channel Audio ATX Motherboard) The case I'm using is the CM 690ii Advance. I assumed like other Cooler master Case's I've worked with it recently for example the silencio 550 would come a usb 3 extension type lead to plug in to the back of the motherboard to make use of the front panel USB 3s. Is there a quick way to resolve this or any adapters I can buy to make it compatible with my board?

Thanks a lot for any help you guys can offer.

Alex :)
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  1. If I understand you correctly, your case has USB 3.0 ports with a cable that has a 20 pin connector intended for connecting to a USB 3.0 motherboard header. But your board doesn't have a 20 pin header. If you don't mind the ports working as USB 2.0, you can use an adapter like this:
    ...and plug into the USB 2.0 headers on your motherboard.
  2. The manual never states that Front Panel Header is 3.0 Looking at a different manual, Gigabyte z77-D3H,it clearly shows it as a 3.0 My guess is that your mobo does not allow you to connect to the front panel header at 3.0, only 2.0. Sucks.
  3. Thanks a lot. That'll make do for now I've still got the usb 3.0 on the motherboard to use for now.

    Thanks again

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