Computer won't start w/ graphics card plugged in.

I have an issue with my PC. When I start my PC with the graphics card plugged in, nothing happens. It won't go past the windows loading screen; just before displaying log-in, it will go dead. I disconnected the graphics card and ran with on-board graphics, and it ran fine. What is the issue here? The PC doesn't seem to be overheating. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 6100.
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  1. AFAIK Geforce 6100 is IGP from nvidia. what are the exact card you're trying to put inside your PC? that aside what are your pc spec? the problem could be very well caused by your power supply which can't provide enough power to your pc when you plug in the graphic card
  2. +1 most likely trhe power supply cannot handle the extra power
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