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100% CPU usage by 1 core

I finished building a PC for the first time and decided to try out Minecraft with the LB Photo Realism mod.

But while I'm playing, sometimes the Norton security thing (my motherboard came with free 90 days of Norton security) will pop up and say 'high CPU usage by Java Platform SE Binary', and it says '100% of at least one CPU'

I checked the task manager and it showed one of the cores being very high, almost around 100% (the other 3 cores were much lower, and the average usage was 35%)

My question is- is this bad? Does it do any damage to my cpu if a core is constantly near or at 100% usage?

My processor is an Intel Core i5-2500K at stock speeds with a stock cooler.
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    No, it won't damage it at all. Just means minecraft isn't utilizing all available cores. Which will mean nothing bad, just it's not as coded as well as it could be. Won't damage any of your components though.
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  3. Thanks :)
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