MSI 970A-G46 CMOS Jumper question

alright, i posted another thread thinking my cpu and motherboard were dead. after almost giving up on getting my computer to work, i decided to try the CMOS trick. i took the jumper, reset it while it was off, and placed the jumper in the keep data (12) position. i turned on my computer and it worked. but ever since that, i have had tho reset it with the jumper each time to use it. my question is:

Are you supposed to leave the jumper on the 1-2 position, or is it safe to remove after the reset? also, would replacing the battery potentially fix this issue? i have a spare 2032, but the process of CMOS is confusing me slightly. any help would be greatly appreciated. i have a replacement mobo on the way, but would really like to save this for a build for my brother. again, thanks for your time, in advance :D
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  1. After resetting the CMOS you should go to BIOS, load defaults and safe it. After that your PC should start after a reboot. You can tray to load optimized setting in BIOS if it's stable.
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