I5 2500 or I3 2100

my present pc config. is :
core2duo E6500
asus p5q41 LX3
4gb(2X2) corsiar 1333 DDR3 RAM
Cooler Master 450 watt PSU
Ati 5670HD 1 GB

I would like to know which one will be better option for my upgrade..
i3 2100 + ati 6770HD 1 gb
i5 2500K + ati 5670HD 1 gb

i have the motherboard gigabyte GA-H67M-D2-B3..

i can also afford asus p8h67 m le .. so if asus is better than i can get this..

and for now i dont want to over clock.. soo m happy with H67 motherboard. M buying K series as if its required to overclock in future. i can overclock by changing motherboard only. :)

i just want to play new latest games like dragon age 2, modern warfare 3, GTA 4 , and upcoming games..

also i want to know should i invest more in graphics card or processor..
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  1. Definitely the i3 if you are mainly gaming or you can simply get a new GPU and overclock your current CPU
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