Looking to upgrade from Pentium 4 on a Compaq

I have a pretty old desktop, it's a Compaq Presario SR2175X. I do video editing and when it comes to rendering and other things it's pretty slow. I am looking to upgrade from the Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHZ CPU. I looked at the specs and the compatible processors are:

Pentium D 900 Series (Presler)
Pentium 4 601 Series (Conroe)
Celeron D 3xx Series (Conroe)
Celeron D 3xx Series (Prescott)

I'm still a little confused when I'm looking for them online. I have only found a Pentium D 945 Presler for sale which is better than the one I have but I wanna found the best compatible one with my computer. Any help on how exactly to search them or point in the direction of a good one compatible with the computer would be great. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. These processors were produced in 2005-2006. Availability is probably quite limited. Almost any new processor would perform better, for example a core 2 duo at 2.2Ghz would out perform a Pentiumd at any speed. I realize you want something compatable with your MB, but no matter which Pentuim d you use (presler would be the best ) your performance would be sub-standard
  2. I am in the same situation as you, i have a Pentium 4xx , i am upgrading my mobo to an lga 1155 slot , as i am guessing your motherboard is an lga775. I would do a complete upgrade
  3. Definitely go for a new build. Even a Sandy Bridge based Celeron will do better than any of the Pentium Ds. Since your board doesn't support any of the Core 2 CPUs there's no point in sinking more money into that system, you won't be happy with the performance you get, especially with rendering, it will still take forever, even with the fastest Pentium D.
  4. I owned a compaq presario sr1230

    do what I did

    keep the case and tower

    buy a new cpu, motherboard, heatsink, ram bundle,

    pull out your old motherboard, and replace it

    I did a complete upgrade,

    EVEN IF you did replace the cpu, you would have to take out your entire motherboard anyway to remove the heatsink - someone confirm this - but I am almost certain you need to

    so why not just replace the entire thing ??


    this guy sells pre built and tested bundles ready to go,
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