Can My Nvidia Geforce gt 430 play 2011 games like cod black ops or need for spee

guys i know that Nvidia GT 430 is not for gaming but my bad luck i got it before i kn it is 1 giga DDR3 but i am asking is that card can play 2011 games on high graphic settings and these games like need for speed 2 shift unleashed and cod :Black ops and etc beside i am playing an online game named s4 which is so low and i am freezing after my cpu usage get to 50 % at task manager
and my computer specifications is
Ram :4giga
Hard :500 giga sata
Processor :Intel pentium 4 630 dual core 3 ghz 3 ghz
Graphics card :Nvidia GT 430 1 giga DDR3
OS :windows xp sp2
i want to know is the card can handle 2011 games with max settings or no and another question my processor is the reason for my freezing or the card .
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  1. your processor is really old, it is actually a single core processor with hyperthreading. this is actually below the minimum specs of many modern games. your gpu is also low end.

    If you want to play 2011 games at max settings you are gonna need a new motherboard, ram, processor, graphics card, and operating system. windows xp restricts you to direct x 9.
  2. yea but i will change it the processor to intel core 2 duo i am with u in that and the display but i want a nice and medium price model for the processor and graphics card that u can offer to me to buy it what u think
  3. core 2 duo still have decent performance but if you're going to build new rig better stay away from it. go straight for LGA 1155 if you still want to stick with intel. if you want AMD it is better if you wait until Bulldozer coming out.
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