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Low FPS with an Asus 6870

Hi guys, I'm having a weird problem, I'm getting low FPS in some games, just like Alice: Madness Returns, but the one that really concerns me is Homefront, I just got the game, installed it and opened it, and in the Menu screen, I get 15FPS, so I went to video settings, selected Very High option and started the game, and my FPS were 14... so I decided to put everything on the lowest settings, and nothing changed... Menu is still 15FPS and in-game is still 14 FPS, even though everything is at the lowest settings.

Do you know what the problem might be?, I've seen a lot of people with the same Graphics card and they are getting great FPS


PD: I have the latest drivers installed
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    Try downloading GPU-Z and post a screenshot of what it displays. That way we can determine whether there is some sort of hardware problem with the card or its connection to the motherboard.

    What sort of power supply do you have, give a brand and model number if possible. If your PSU isn't producing enough power then your card won't be able to operate at its maximum capacity. When you installed the card, did you plug in both PCIe power connectors? If you didn't then the card may not be getting enough power.

    Download HWMonitor and post the temps on your graphics card. If it's overheating the card could be throttling itself to protect itself from damage, and that may cause low FPS.

    If you have morphological filtering enabled, try turning it off, it can sometimes cause framerate issues, particularly with games based on the Unreal engine. Try turning off Vsync as well, that can sometimes drop framerates, though usually not to such a severe degree as 15FPS.
  2. Check Catalyst Control panel, make sure that settings like Anti-Aliasing set to "Use application settings" Some games can really dislike it if you force all the options to the max.
    (its under Gaming>>3D application settings)

    If you have program like Fraps, make sure you not triggering *video record function that happen to me once when i remapped *start recording hot key and kept pressing it inside game lol

    Are you running in x16 mode? (GPU-Z can tell you)
  3. The power supply that I have is the OCZ GameXstream 700W, I have both connectors connected to the card, as you can see in the pictures, temperatures are not high, they are normal, and morphological filter is disabled.

    Everything in my Catalyst is set to "Use application settings"; I am using Fraps, but I have set my record button to the other side of the keyboard, so I know it's not that.

    Do you guys own this same graphics card?, have you tried Homefront or Alice: Madness Returns?... I get 30FPS in Alice.


  4. Everything looks okay on the GPU-Z screenshot. I have played Homefront on my 6870 from Sapphire and I get much, much better framerates than 15FPS, though that was with an older driver revision, 11.3 or 11.4 I think. The only thing I can think of that is wrong is that your GPU is not increasing its clockspeed when you launch those specific games, it's a driver bug that some people have been getting. You may have to manually set your clockspeeds up to their load settings before you launch the game in order to get good framerates in those games or disable the power saving feature and have your card default to maximum clocks.
  5. In Control panel >> Power Options make sure it's not set on Power Saver, (CPU clock speed) You can also lower or raise it in Catalyst control panel.
    I seen people use there PC for 2 years (3ghz set to 800mhz) without knowing it,
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  7. Can some one help me plz? i did all i can and i still have problems with games and low fps when i turn camera around... In Cataclysm, Gta 4 , Skyrim, Witcher 2 , Batman *new* etc... My confg is : Kingston hyper x 4gb ddr3 1600 mhz. Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5. AMD Phenom ll x4 965 black edition 3.4 ghz . ASus EAH 6870 DC/2Dl2S. Psu OcZ stream pro 500w. And i downloaded all new drivers for all programs and i dont know wtf is the problem... ? i rly need help :S.
    P.S When i set graphic on max or on lowest there is no differences Fps is low... Strange i did Benchmark in gta 4 and i had 19 fps -.- on low or high graphic like i sayd " there is no differences " . Btw when i did 3DMark Vantage i had max 29 fps... And when he finished it says something is wrong with your config. Other's with similar config have better score. I download most of programs to search for some error or what ever is wrong ? and all programs say pc status work's fine. strange is that i had a max graphic in crysis 2 with out any low fps.. i had 50-60 fps all time... like wtf? Sorry for my bad english im not that good. Sorry im new with forum.. and my temperature is 55-60 in full load normal is 27-35
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