Sapphire ati hd 5670 crashing

Hello, new here. Thanks for any help.

I bought a Sapphire Radoen HD5670 a couple months ago and when playing a game it crashes. Even an older game and in really low graphics settings the graphics will crash within minutes sometimes within seconds of starting even on a menu screen. It will bring me back to the desktop in whatever low resolution the game was running at with the VPU recover message up. It does HD video on youtube and stuff ok. I've updated all drivers. I need some help figuring out what's wrong. This thing is worthless right now.

Dell Optiplex 745
Antec earthwatts 430W
3.6GHz P4 HT
4G PC2-6400 RAM installed
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  1. Have you tried updating or rolling back your drivers? A bad driver could be causing these crashes.

    Try downloading HWMonitor and post the temps of your graphics card, another possibility is that it is overheating. What kind of airflow do you have in your case? Are you sure the GPU fan is spinning. If the case is clogged with dust or the fan isn't spinning the card could be overheating, even on light loads. Finally, if you are overclocking your card, return it to stock clocks. An unstable overclock can cause this problem.
  2. Thanks, it was that ATI Overdrive overlclocking thing. I shut it off and it works fine now.
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