I have a serious problem with crossfire 5770s

I have a ASUS P8P67 LE motherboard that is crossfirex ready.
I have an intel i5 2500k
An 850watt power supply and
2 Ati 5770 graphics cards

I have installed them both correctly, and i connected the crossfire cable.

These are my two 5770 in gpu z.

The problem is that no matter what i do, I have no option or mention of crossfire in ccc. It is like crossfire doesn't exist, and thus i can't enable the crossfire.

I have reinstalled my drivers dozens of times, I have swapped the graphics cards, I have even taken one out- installed just one card and than added the second a little later. No matter what I do I have no option to enable crossfire.

What am I doing wrong? This sucks because I just bought this card and now think it was a complete waste. This is scaring me away from ever trying crossfire again. Please help!!! I'm desperate.
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  1. If you want to reinstall drivers again onto your machine you should use driver sweeper by guru3d in safemode to clear all previous drivers.
  2. But i think it shouldnt be able to display such settings such as CF because its a very generic driver.
    I think you should not worry about it too much.

    I display only engine control centre.
  3. What? I don't understand. I want to run the two ati 5770s in crossfire and GPU-z is stating that crossfire is disabled. On top of that everywhere on the web says you have to enable crossfire in ccc, but I have no option for that. I bought a second 5770 for what seems to be nothing.
  4. ooo.
    Well yes you need to enable CF in ccc.I dont know how.
  5. Try a different CF cable? Your board has the slots farther apart then normal, perhaps the one you have is bad?
  6. yeah it would be smart to eliminate that as a possibility even though they are sometimes a pain in the arse to get your hands on
  7. I had a similar problem when I added my 2nd 5770 in April. The option for crossfire did not appear until I did a complete uninstall/reinstall of CCC. The latest version out right now is 11.6 - make sure you get that. Upon rebooting after the reinstall a window will pop up and say that crossfire is detected and confirm that you want to enable it. Make sure your crossfire bridge cable is attached as well. Good luck!
  8. I have totally reinstalled ccc maybe 6 times, no luck.

    Where do i get another crossfire cable
  9. From a friend to test it. You'll need the longer 3 slot one however not the normal 2 slot distance one however.
  10. i have no friends that game, and why a longer cable if the shorter one fits?
  11. Shorter one shouldn't fit. You have an extra slot between your PCIe 16x slots. You need one that can span 3 slots, not 2.
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