Memory ratings etc help needed plz


Wondering if I could get some peoples views on memory.

I will be building a gaming rig with the Z77 chipset and i7 3770K cpu.

I am thinking of 16GB memory.

I am a little stuck in to deciding what memory ratings I should go for, I am not sure yet if I want to over clock, but would be great if someone is knowledgeable in the memory area and could share with me :D.

My motherboard supports up to 32GB, it is a Z77 chipset, my main question is what is the best memory ratings to go for e.g CL9 or CL10 and the other numbers like 9-11-10-30 etc , there are so many different ones and also the voltage.

Any other info/ideas would be great.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. It's pretty simple really. While there are many choices, the specs required of your memory by your motherboard dictate what you should buy.

    Speed - You can buy 1333MHZ ram, but can also get faster ram. 1600 MHz ram is a little faster, doesn't cost much more, and isn't wasteful, like even faster ram would be. So, 1600MHz ram seems to be the sweet spot for Z77 based boards.

    Voltage - You system requires 1.5 volt ram.

    Latency - CL9 ram is the sweet spot for cost vs. speed these days. You can get CL8 ram, but it's not really worth it.

    Quantity - 8 GB is the sweet spot for most purposes these days, although 16GB can be useful if working with large databases, spreadsheets, and images.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for that :)

    My motherboard supports up to ddr3 2400(OC) all others below this are not OC

    I know you said the voltage is 1.5 but the below memory should run in my motherboard, apart from now not being sure of the voltage, as the boards tech details dont state the voltage, I guess I can change this in the bios? , that is Intel DZ77RE75K

    Corsair 16GB Dominator Platinum DDR3
    - 4 x 4GB Kit
    - DDR3 2400MHz
    - 9-11-11-31
    - 1.65V
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