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Which case Should i pick

HAF 932?

HAF 922?
(I am buying a side red LED 200mm fan for this one)

HAF 922 blue edition?

Lian Li pck63?

Rosewill Thor?

I need a case with the best cooling efficiency and it looks nice. Which one should I get? Money isn't a problem between these.

I might use a 6950 crossfire, so I need some good cooling for the graphics cards.

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  1. They are all good cooling choices. I prefer the Rosewill Thor and the CM HAF 932; but I'd get this one:

    Put in 2 or even 4 120 mm fans in the mesh window and you have a supercool case.
  2. Buy a 5$ case and build a liquid cooled system instead :P

    If not, i would say the 932

    edit: or how about this
  3. okay how about between the 932 and rosewill thor? My max budget is 120 bucks.
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    The Thor has filtered fan intakes the HAF doesn't.
    If dust isn't an issue, the HAF is a really good deal for a full tower with excellent cooling.
    Thor looks nice too!
    Your choice,buy whatever appeals to you most
    Other very good deals on high quality filtered cases.
    Silverstone RV03B-W Raven 3 Technology&promoid=1055
    Corsair Carbide Series 500R
    Corsair Graphite Series 600TM
  5. My vote goes to HAF 932. Better make up your decision fast. I don't see these deals lasting long.
  6. I picked the haf 922. I figured the haf 932 is too big, well the haf 922 is a huge mid tower but I like the haf series. I would have picked the haf 932, but it's sorta ugly. the front fan part has those plastic bars that block the view of the fan. The haf 922 has a nice view to the front fan along with an led on/off switch, the haf 932 didn't have one.
  7. Still a very good choice, especially for $60 after MIR. I've seen the 922, 932, and X stand together and there is just a very slight difference in size.
  8. If I hate the haf 922, i'll return it for a nzxt phantom. Thanks all.
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