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[ATI] 5750 CF vs. 5850 or other suggestions

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Next week or early next month

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming and some HD video. I play lot's of FPS including Bad Company 2, Crysis, ARMA 2 and I will be buying BF3 and ARMA 3. I play on high settings.


: Intel i7 870, 4GB RAM, Cyborg 910 Case. 2 pull fans one at the front and one on the side. 1 Push/pull fan at the back, and liquid cooled.


PARTS PREFERENCES: Open to suggestion but I've always had ATI in the past

OVERCLOCKING: Most likely not CROSSFIRE: Maybe

: 1280x1024,

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Want to know if the 5850 (single) will run better then the 5750s CF? Want to get another 5750 or replace it with something better.

Thank you
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  1. You should replace your current card with a 5850.At your resolution a 5850 should run all games at max settings.
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    Check out this review which includes the 5750 in crossfire and the single 5850:

    In most cases, you'll gain 10-20% performance with 2 5750s in crossfire.

    If you're considering these two options, I'd say go with 2 5750s since performance is rated better and since it will be less of an expense to buy another 5750 than it is to buy a 5850.
  3. 5850s are disappearing from the market already -- you probably want to be considering a 6950 at that price/performance point.

    I just faced a similar decision and decided to get a 6950 instead of another 5770. It cost more, but is less very cool/quiet and wont have any crossfire tech issues.
  4. Alright, thank you. Just another question, might as well kill two birds with one stone. Up until 2 days ago my computer was running fine no crashes good fps in all games etc. Then yesterday and today everything went to hell, low fps in SC and crysis and I even got a blue screen today my temps are lowish in the 29- 32 area. Anyone know what could be happening?
  5. How's the rest of the PC doing? Are you OC'ing anything?
  6. Nope no OC on anything. I reformatted yesterday and everything is going good so far. I'm gonna try out a new AV not impressed with BitDefender at all. Had a keylogger and a trojan and it didn't find either of them. I'm using a trail of AVG's premium AV and it's working really well now.
  7. Alright I have a new update on the situation. I was playing STALKER Call of Pripyat and my computer just restarted itself. It didn't just shut itself off though, it updated windows and shut all my programs down 1 by 1. Any ideas?
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