Lost power to PC while installing led from fan


I was installing a fan with an led for my computer. everything was working fine, but then i decided to unplug the led to the motherboard. I was being silly and did not turn off the computer first, but right as i had pulled the wire out, it fell back in and the negative on the fan led pin had hit the 5v connector and i lost power to my whole PC.

Now the PC will not start, no fans start or anything, i only have a light on the motherboard.

Please help,

Thank you!
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  1. Have you disconnected the PSU from the outlet for a few seconds? Which +5v connector did the wire hit? Was the other wire still connected to +12v? If disconnecting the PSU from the outlet doesn't help, then you'll have to check it or try a different one. Hopefully you didn't fry the motherboard.
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