Some help with my new gaming build

So I'm gonna be building my first gaming pc but need some advice on certain parts to buy... I will be using the system primarily for high end gaming and hope to run most recent games on high if not highest settings

So far I have ordered the i7-2600k cpu, The coolermaster Haf x case and the corsair professional series AX1200 as my power supply
- This all comes to a total of £613.88

I will have a remaining £637 to spend- My problem is on deciding upon what I should purchase for the rest of my build; I was thinking of waiting a couple more months so I will have enough for the gtx 590, as I dont think I have enough but would it be better to compromise for the 580 or a different gpu? Also I was thinking of getting a p67 chipset motherboard, but im uncertain of that at the moment and also I was thinking of a corsair H100 for my cpu cooler, I have no idea about ram and the rest of the build though -

As a side note, the display, keyboard, OS and mouse dont matter - I will manage all of that seperately, although I will be using Windows 7 64 bit just incase that info is needed :)

so any advice you guys could give would be a great help
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  1. Its best to order things at the same time, P67 mobos are fine, I see you went big on the power supply lol, Go with a gtx 460x2 from evga later on add another one your psu will handle it.
  2. Yeah, I tried to go for a good psu so I have a bit of room to expand upon things, and how well does that gpu perform?
  3. Very well i have used it only made by evga.

    One card is on the same lvl as a 580, so if you get to it will work well, When running a 4 sli setup sometimes it will have issues in games though.
  4. Oh okay, I think I will go for that then and maybe buy another In the future like you said for SLI, or just buy another single card :) also do you have any recommendations for Ram?
  5. ddr3 1600mhz go with corsair or Gskill IMO there all good.
  6. Allright, Thankyou so much :D
  7. I don't think you can SLI the 2Win with another 2Win. I think the SLI bridge on the top of the card was disabled by EVGA. I could be wrong so you should check up on this, but it is a very good card.
  8. crap hes right evga disabled the sli port.
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