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I'm making my first build this week and i'm im slightly skint so i won't be buying a monitor untill later on this month. i just want to know will my old monitor with a VGA connection work if i buy this for my new computer.
ask if you need the computer specs.
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  1. You need something like this that is linked here.

    It's a VGA to DVI adapter, which most GPU's come with in the box, so check your box if you have a dedicated GPU that you bought.
  2. good point. should have checked that before your right it does come with one. i just wanted to know if its compatable with this motherboard and graphics card.
  3. tis is the cable i used:

    i used to use an adaptor but it didn't let me push my PC all the way back (hence my graphics card DVI seocket nearly bent off).
  4. cable looks good probably go with that.
    BTW i like the narwhals.
  5. maxwellssilverhammer said:
    cable looks good probably go with that.
    BTW i like the narwhals.

    lol lots of people get tricked by that :P just my way of trollin'
  6. well im kind of a virus magnet since i click every link i see. i'm a trolls perfect victim.
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