CMOS reset everytime I boot up

Core 2 Duo
Geforce 210 Silent
2 - 250GB HD's
So I have a dual boot of Mac OSX Mountain Lion and Windows 7. I had reset CMOS 3 days ago because
the display was'nt showing up. Since then everytime I boot up CMOS gets reset. :(
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  1. Dead battery? Measure the motherboard battery with a volt meter.
  2. What battery ? I am a N00B here so are you talking about the CMOS battery ?
  3. yes its the CMOS battery. its simple to take out.
  4. A CR2032 is very (very) common (if that's what you have) and they're good for 3-4 years and I'd replace it based upon your system's age and problems.

    Once in the BIOS make sure to set the BIOS, typically Load Defaults or Load Optimized Defaults and Save and Exit = Yes.

    If the problem persists then make certain that you actually Cleared CMOS properly. You'll need to unplug the PSU (power supply) for 5 minutes, then move the Clear CMOS Jumper 5+ seconds, boot into the BIOS then 'Load Defaults' and Save.

    Nice video ->
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